Guardian of the frontier

Slovenia, Germany, France, 2002, 100 min.


Maja Weiss


Ida Weiss,
Peter Braatz


Brock Norman Brock,
Zoran Hočevar,
Maja Weiss

Rights Holder

Slovenian Film Centre


Bojan Kastelić


Iva Krajnc, Pia Zemljič, Tanja Potočnik, Jonas Žnidaršič, Igor Koršič


Bela Film, TV Slovenija, Taris filmproduktion - Solingen

Three girls’ summer canoe trip down the river Kolpa becomes a journey into fear when they discover that the woods hide not only the border between Slovenia and Croatia, but also the border between the permissible and the forbidden, and that it is the self-styled Guardian of the Frontier who draws the line…

2002 Berlin IFF (Germany) – Manfred Salzgeber Award
Festival of Slovenian Film – Vesna award for the Best Actress (Iva Krajnc)
Maja Weiss - 1

Maja Weiss

Maja Weiss (1965) belongs to the middle generation of the Slovenian filmmakers who have shot films in the independent Slovenia. She is the first female Slovenian director of a fiction feature, GUARDIAN OF THE FRONTIER (2002), and also the director of many internationally successful documentaries. Twenty years ago Maja Weiss co-founded the Bela Film Production House and has been the director of the Zavod Maja Weiss institute for the last seven years. Since 2016 she has lectured at the EŠNM higher vocational college in Novo Mesto.

Selected filmography

2007 Installation of Love

2005 Child in Time

2002 Guardian of the frontier