Odessa’s Foundling

Ukraine, 2017, 90 min.


Maria Sadowska


Georgy Deliev


Georgy Deliev based on the play by Georgy Golubenko)

Rights Holder

Film company «Deliev Art»


Evgeny Klochko


Boris Barsky, Natalia Buzko, Georgy Deliev


Film company «Deliev Art»

Genuinely Odessa, cheerful and bittersweet film about the resilient inhabitants of the modern South Palmyra who are full of surprises as usual! A lonely 70-yearold man, Sir Pinchus, an eccentric Odessa artist, dreams of having grandchildren. He does not have any children, but to realize his dream, he naturally needs a son. And preferably an adult one. For this role his friends from the Orphanage choose Arkasha, a 50-year-old dunce who has been recently released from the colony and works at the orphanage as a stoker.

Maria Sadowska - 1

Maria Sadowska

Polish singer, composer, producer and director. Born in 1976 in Warsaw, Poland. Graduated from the Direction Department of the Lodz Film School in 2002. Her debut feature film WOMEN’S DAY was released in 2013 and received the main award at the 22nd Film Festival Cottbus.

Selected filmography

2017 The Art of Loving. Story of Michalina Wislocka

2013 Women's Day