The Beauty

Lithuania, 1969, 63 min.


Arūnas Žebriūnas


Yuri Yakovlev

Rights Holder

Lithuanian Film Centre


Algimantas Mockus


Inga Mickytė, Lilija Žadeikytė, Sergey Martinson, Arvydas Samukas, Tauras Ragalevičius, Vladas Jurkūnas, Gediminas Girdvainis


Lithuanian Film Studio

Neighbourhood children play a game: one of the children dances in the centre of  the circle and the others shower him or her with compliments. A little girl, Inga, who lives with her single mother, is friendly and honest and usually collects a lot of compliments, and is therefore called a beauty. Everything changes when a new boy moves to the neighbourhood. Being rude, he does not fit in and soon earns himself the nickname Mute. He does not like Inga’s freckles and calls her ugly.

1970 IV All-Union Film Festival in Minsk – Prize for best camera work and an honorary diploma for Inga Mickytė
Arūnas Žebriūnas - 1

Arūnas Žebriūnas

Born on August 8, 1930 in Kaunas. In 1955 graduated from the Vilnius art Institute. Began his career in film as an assistant to the art director. Debuted as a film director with the film THE LAST SHOT (1960). THE LAST DAY OF THE HOLIDAYS (1964) was awarded the Silver Sails Prize at the Locarno IFF and the Grand Prize at the Juvenile Film Festival in Cannes. One of the most prominent Lithuanian children’s filmmakers known as the first Lithuanian director who attempted to reveal a child’s inner world. Died in 2013 in Vilnius.

Selected filmography

1969 The Beauty

1965 The Girl and the Echo