Belgium, 2019, 97 min.


Tim Mielants


Bart Van Langendonck,
Sarah Marks


Benjamin Sprengers,
Tim Mielants

Rights Holder

Beta Cinema


Frank van den Eeden


Kevin Janssens, Pierre Bokma, Ariane van Vliet, Hannah Hoekstra, Jemaine Clement


Savage Film

Patrick lives with his parents on a naturist campsite. When his father dies he finds himself in charge of the campsite. But Patrick has other things on his mind: he has lost his favourite hammer. The long-term residents want Patrick to do something with his life but he is more interested in finding his hammer. His obsessive search becomes an existential quest… «Patrick» is a tragicomedy about people’s peculiarities, about letting go and being happy with who you are.

2019 Karlovy Vary IFF – Best Director award
2019 Austin Fantastic Fest (The US) – 2 awards for Best Film and Best Director
Tim Mielants - 1

Tim Mielants

Tim has recently finished directing his first feature film PATRICK, which he also wrote. He directed two seasons of LEGION, which was described as the ‘best superhero show on TV’ by the Guardian. Tim also directed THE TERROR and all episodes of the third season of PEAKY BLINDERS. His other works include Flemish Belgian series CODE 37 and fantastical family series ZINGABURIA. This made him one of the highest profile young series directors in Flanders, which led to him taking the helm of the ambitious drama series CORDON.