Women’s stories

Philippe Bellaiche,  Rachel Leah Jones
Lea Tsemel defends Palestinians: from feminists to fundamentalists, from nonviolent demonstrators to armed militants. As a Jewish-Israeli lawyer who has represented political prisoners for five decades, Tsemel, in her tireless quest for justice,
Sung-A Yoon
In the Philippines women get deployed abroad to work as domestic workers or nannies. They frequently leave their own children behind. In one of the many training centers dedicated to domestic work a group of trainees are getting ready to face bot
Marianna Yarovskaya
Women of the Gulag
The film WOMEN OF THE GULAG tells the compelling and tragic stories of the women – last survivors of the Gulag, the brutal system of repression and terror that devastated the Soviet population during the regime of Stalin. The Gulag was first capt