Women of the Gulag

Russia, USA, 2018, 40 min.


Marianna Yarovskaya


Marianna Yarovskaya,
Paul Roderick Gregory


Marianna Yarovskaya

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Sergei Amirdzhanov, Irina Shatalova



The film WOMEN OF THE GULAG tells the compelling and tragic stories of the women – last survivors of the Gulag, the brutal system of repression and terror that devastated the Soviet population during the regime of Stalin. The Gulag was first captured by Solzhenitsyn in his opus, “Gulag Archipelago”. Never before the stories of women and women’s experience in these camp have been told in an international documentary film. It is a collection of unique and candid interviews with women who survived the Stalin's repression of the 1930s.

91st Academy Awards Shortlist
2019 Moscow IFF (Russia) – Special Screening
ÉCU – The European Independent FF (France) – Best Non-European Independent Documentary
Reykjavík IFF (Iceland) – Best Short DocumentaryMoscow IFF
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Marianna Yarovskaya

Award-winning Russian-American documentary filmmaker, producer. Her UNDESIRABLES won a Student Academy Award in 2001. Has worked for dozens of programs for Discovery Channel, National Geographic, History Channel, Greenpeace, Animal Planet as producer and editor. Also worked on Al Gore’s Academy Award-winning film AN INCONVENIENT TRUTH as a researcher, and directed an award winning film, HOLY WARRIORS. First female director from the Russian Federation shortlisted for the Oscars.

Selected filmography

Holy warriors (2007)

An inconvenient truth (2006, researcher)