National Film Schools Competition Rules

National Film Schools Competition Rules

In 2020, the participants of the competition are also members of the International Student Jury.

Also, the competition has the International Filmmakers Jury as ever. After consulting, it awards the Best Film Prize. 

The International Student Jury evaluates the competition films and awards the Best Film Prize as well. 

The way the International student jury works 

The winner is determined by an open direct secret vote of all participants of the competition. 

Each participant receives one number and one vote. His/her vote will be recorded and counted at this number. 

The participants gives their votes to the contest film that they consider the best. 

Participants cannot vote for their own films.

One competitive film gives the participant one vote: how many films there are, so many votes. If several members of the film crew submit a competition film, they all share one vote and should make a general vote or decide which of them votes. 

Voting takes place at the end of the last competition day after viewing and discussing all the competition films. 

Debates are held before the vote, where you can campaign for your film, argue and explain your choice. During the debates, insults and any violations of ethics and regulations of the Festival are prohibited. For a gross violation, the participant loses his vote. 

Participants vote by filling in electronic forms (for those who could not come to the festival) and paper forms.

If two or more films get equal votes, the participants vote again for the leading films. 

Simple majority of votes determines the winning film. 

The voting results are summed up at the awards ceremony.