For Participants

Movie studios, TV companies, distribution companies, independent producers and others may participate in the Festival if they hold the copyright on the submitted films.

To participate in the Festival it’s necessary to officially declare it to the Festival Directorate, no later than two months before the Festival.

Before August 31, 2020 you have to fill in one of the following forms:

  • Entry form for Main Feature Films Competition;
  • Entry form for Feature Films Competition “Youth on the March”;
  • Entry form for Children and Youth Films Competition “Listapadzik”;
  • Entry form for Main Documentary Films Competition;
  • Entry form for National Film Schools Competition (documentary films);
  • Entry form for films in the National Competition.
Please, note that the form should contain links to the following documents:
  • Screener with English or Russian subtitles;
  • Dialogue list;
  • Stills and photo of the director;
  • Film trailer or clip.

Submission of the film for the selection is free of charge.

Simultaneously the copyright owner agrees with:

  • public presentation of the film within the competition or non-competition program with the participation of the members of the crew;
  • screening of the film parts on TV, on the official festival website and in other promotional materials for the festival;
  • use of the film shots for the publicity and promotional materials (catalogues, website, multimedia presentations, etc.).

Only the films that haven’t been publicly shown in the Republic of Belarus (except the National Competition and the retrospective screenings) are eligible for participation in the Festival Program. The Festival Directorate defines the Program of film screenings. Each film can be shown during the Festival no more than three times including press screenings.

The Festival Directorate reports on the films selected for the competition and non-competition program no later than the date of the official introductory press-conference of the Festival.

All the issues connected with the invitation of guests, terms of their stay and Festival accreditation are settled by the Festival Directorate.

Each film in the Competition Programs should be personally presented by 1 or 2 delegates (a director, a producer, an actor/actress).

The Festival Directorate covers stay costs at the Film Forum for the director (producer) and/or the actor (actress) representing the film in the competition program and participating in the meetings with the audience and press conferences.

The Festival Directorate covers round-trip tickets and 2-days hotel accommodation for 1-2 representatives of the film in competition (a director, a producer, an actor/actress).

Hospitality terms for other Festival guests are indicated in their personal invitations.

Shipping costs and return of film prints

The Festival Directorate covers all the costs connected with the transportation of the films participating in the Festival Programs to Minsk and-or back (to the airport of the recipient).

The Festival Directorate covers the costs of storage and insurance of film prints.